Uttar Pradesh

Best place to Visit in Uttar Pradesh

About Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is very much associated with the broad history of India. It dates back to 4000 years. Formerly the area of Uttar Pradesh was occupied by the Aryans or the Dasas and their main occupation was agriculture. The Aryans, through conquests occupied the adjoining areas too.

They laid the foundations their civilisation in the region. It was during the Aryan inhabitation in the region that epics of Mahabharata, Ramayana, Brahmanas and Puranas were written.

Best Time to Visit Uttar Pradesh

The climate of Uttar Pradesh is general extreme that is; too hot during the summers and biting cold during the winters. Best time to visit Uttar Pradesh is between September and December.

Places to Visit in Uttar Pradesh

Explore Agra

Agra has been immortalized as the City of the Taj. Yet, it doesn’t take much for the roving eye to discover that there’s more to Agra than just the fabled Taj Mahal. The city is a virtual gateway to a world of discovery….. a freeze-frame from a resplendent era that’s long since gone by.

Place of Interest in Agra
  • Taj Mahal
  • Fatehpur Sikri
  • Sheikh Salim Chisti Tomb
  • Agra Fort
  • Itimad-ud-daullah
Explore Mathura / Vrindavan

Just an hour’s drive from Agra, on the banks of the river Yamuna, is situated the birthplace of Lord Krishna. The entire land is dotted with magnificent temples, dedicated to various aspects of his life. The twin cities of Mathura and Vrindavan, where he was born and where he grew up, still resound to the sound of his laughter, antics and his magical flute.

Place of Interest in Mathura / Vrindavan
  • Krishna Janmasthan Temple
  • Mathura Government Museum
  • Gokul
  • Vrindavan
  • Madan Mohan Temple
  • Sri Radha Raman Temple
Explore Varanasi

Varanasi is among the oldest living cities in the world and its antiquity finds place in ancient scriptures. Located along the Ganga it is a sacred place for all Hindus, Jains and Buddhists. Varanasi is believed to be the greatest tirth (pilgrimage) between earth and heaven. For a Hindu, to visit Varanasi and bathe in the water of Ganga, is to be cleansed of the sins of thousands of past rebirths.

Place of Interest in Varanasi
  • River Front (Ghats)
  • Assi Ghat
  • Dashashwamedha Ghat
  • Ramnagar Fort
  • Vishwanatha Khanda
  • Kedar Ghat
  • The Kashi Vishwanath Temple
  • Jantar Mantar
Explore Lucknow

Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh, lies in the middle of the Heritage Arc. This bustling city, famed for its Nawabi era finesse and amazing food, is a unique mix of the ancient and the modern. It is home to extraordinary monuments depicting a fascinating blend of ancient, colonial and oriental architecture. Lucknow was the epicentre of the 1857 War of Independence, and much before that, it was the seat of a line of nawabs who gave the city its unique identity. Literature, cuisine, performing arts and tehzeeb put Lucknow a cut above the rest – and the world acknowledges it.

Place of Interest in Lucknow
  • Rumi Darwaza
  • Chhota Imambara
  • Charbagh
  • Indira Gandhi Planetarium
  • Kukrail Reserve Forest
  • Clock Tower
  • Tombs of Saadat Ali Khan & Khurshid Zadi
  • Gurudwara Yahiyaganj
Explore Allahabad

Allahabad is crowned in ancient scriptures as ‘Prayag’, ‘Prayagraj’ or ‘Teertharaj’ and is considered the holiest of pilgrimage centres of India. The Kumbh held in every six years and Mahakumbh in every 12 years at Allahabad (Sangam) are the largest gatherings of pilgrims on this earth.

Place of Interest in Allahabad
  • Allahabad Fort
  • Sita Madi
  • Sangam
  • Chandra Shekhar Azad Park
  • All Saints Cathedral Church (Patthar Girjaghar)
  • Lord Hanuman Mandir
Explore Ayodhya

Famed as the birth place of Lord Ram, it is an important pilgrimage centre about 134 km from Lucknow. Temples and mosques exist side by side in all architectural splendor in the twin cities of Faizabad and Ayodhya. The ghats of Saryu bring alive a deeply spiritual experience. Faizabad was founded by Nawab of Awadh Sadat Khan and a later Nawab Shujauddaula made it capital of Awadh.

Place of Interest in Ayodhya
  • Kanak Bhawan
  • Naya Ghat
  • Gurudwara Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Ayodhya
  • Hanuman Garhi
  • Nageshwarnath
Explore Jhansi

Jhansi is the gateway to the legendary Bundelkhand region known for valour and courage. It was a stronghold of the Chandela kings but lost its glory after the downfall of the dynasty in 12th century. It rose to prominence again in the 17th century under King Bir Singh Judeo of Orchha.

Place of Interest in Jhansi
  • Jhansi Fort
  • Government Museum, Jhansi
  • Rani Mahal
Explore Kushinagar

About 53 km from Gorakhpur, Kushinagar is one of the principal centers of the Buddhist pilgrimage, is the place where Lord Buddha left his corporal self and attained Mahaparinirvana. It attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

Place of Interest in Kushinagar
  • Thai Temple
  • Mahaparinirvana
  • Ramabhar Stupa
  • Ashta Dhatu
  • Chinese Temple
  • Buddha Museum