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5 Corners Guest Inn

In a picturesque setting located in Ballyclare, County Antrim, the Five Corners Guest Inn provides the perfect spot to unwind and unwind.

The business is operated by Brothers Matthew and Luke Armstrong, local entrepreneurs who have been in the area since 2010 and in July of 2021, took the company from Max and Heather McConnell. Five Corners is a local business that Five Corners is comprised of bars, Brothers restaurant, Take 5 Coffee shop, and guest rooms that provide the option of overnight accommodations.

Each of our rooms includes:

  • En-Suite
  • Television
  • Direct dial phone
  • Trouser press/Iron
  • Coffee and tea making facilities
  • Check-ins prior to check-in and late checkouts are also available on inquiry


  • The venue is located outside the town’s center.
  • This venue is located in Ballyclare.
  • The location is not on a road that has a steep slope.
  • There is no station for buses within 150 meters (164yds) within the area of this venue.
  • The closest mainline station to Mossley West is Mossley West.


  • The venue has its own parking space for cars.
  • Parking is free to anyone who uses the facility.
  • The car park is situated at the entrance of the venue.
  • The type of car park is an open-air/surface.
  • There are no designated parking bay(s) in the parking area.
  • The road between the parking lot and the entry point can be accessed by anyone who is a wheelchair user, with help.
  • Assistance could be required if there are ramps or slopes.
  • The car park’s surface is made of tarmac.
  • There isn’t a drop road or access point from the car parking lot towards the event.
  • The customer does not need to walk across a road.
  • The car park doesn’t have a height limiter.


  • This desk can be found located 8m (26ft 3 inches) from the car park’s entrance.
  • Access to the reception from the front entrance.
  • The reception desk is of medium height.
  • The lighting levels are not high.


  • In all, there are eleven rooms to be found.
  • There are six normal ground floor rooms.
  • There are five standard rooms on different floors.
  • Accessible bathrooms are available.
  • There are three room(s) which are equipped with accessible bathroom facilities.
  • There is/are no adjacent room(s) that are available to carers.
  • Room number, or name that was viewed was 2.
  • The door’s width is 78cm (2ft 7 inches).
  • The bed’s height is 60cm (1ft 12 inches).
  • The distance between bed’s base and the ground is 1 cm ().
  • Light switches are not located within 120cm of the floor.
  • There is no functional alarm for emergencies within the space.
  • There is no emergency alarm within the space.
  • A room adjacent to it is not available.
  • Assistance dogs are always welcome to be with guests in rooms accessible to them.

Accessible Additional

  • The door’s width to the bathroom is 72cm (2ft 4 inches).
  • The door swings towards the outside.
  • The door’s weight is very lightweight.
  • The door is locked with an locking handle.
  • Sizes for the accessible bathroom are 200cm by 200cm (6ft 7in 6ft 7in).
  • There is a space for lateral transfer.
  • If you are facing the toilet pan, the transfer space is to the right.
  • The transfer space lateral measures 100cm (3ft 3in).
  • There is an outlet at the end of the transfer.
  • Grab rails that are wall mounted are not available.
  • Its toilet seats are 43cm (1ft 5 inches) above the floor.
  • There’s an holder for toilet rolls.
  • Toilet roll holders is able to be reached by sitting in the bathroom.
  • A toilet roll tray must not placed over 100 centimeters in height.
  • There is an unfinished sink.
  • The sink is not accessible while sitting at the top of the toilet.
  • The sink’s height at 85cm (2ft 9in).
  • The tap’s type is lever.
  • The mixer tap is available that can be used for the sink.
  • There is no functional emergency alarm in the bathroom.
  • There is no emergency alarm in the bathroom.
  • Facilities for disposal are not available.
  • There are no mirrors.

Accessible Toilet

  • There are toilets accessible to the disabled inside this facility that are specifically that are available to the public.
  • The toilet isn’t for only handicapped people.
  • There is a sign with pictures in the vicinity of the toilet’s door.
  • Accessible toilets are just 8m (26ft 3 inches) from the parking lot entrance.
  • Toilets for disabled people are right in front in front of the entrance.
  • Access is easy to an accessible restroom.
  • Email: mail@5corners.co.uk
249 Rashee Rd, Ballyclare BT39 9JN, United Kingdom,BT39 9JN,United Kingdom

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