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ABode Chester

With unbeatable views of England’s oldest operating racecourse, the modern ABode Chester is part of the AA Hotel Group of the Year 2017-18. The hotel offers welcoming hospitality in the middle of London.

Uniquely created rooms and modern bathrooms have distinctive style and the highest quality and comfort at the core.


  • Facilities and services within the structure include cafe/restaurant that has a bar and grill.


  • The venue has its own parking space for cars.


  • The venue is located within the city’s center.
  • This location is in Chester.
  • The venue isn’t located on a road that is steeply sloped.
  • There is a bus stop in the vicinity of the 150m (164yds) from the location.
  • The closest Mainline Station is Chester.


  • This desk can be found situated 2m (6ft 7in) from the main entrance.
  • It is easy to access reception from the front entrance.
  • The reception desk is of high in height.
  • The desk is lowered in section.
  • Lighting levels are moderate.
  • The hearing aid system is available. aid system.
  • The system type is known as a fixed loop.
  • Staff is trained to use the the system


  • The rooms are totalling 84 total.
  • There are zero regular ground room on the ground.
  • On the other floors, there are standard rooms on different floors.
  • There are facilities for bathrooms accessible to the disabled.
  • There are 3 room(s) that are equipped with accessible bathroom facilities.
  • There are/are no adjacent room(s) that are available to carers.
  • The room’s number or name that was seen was 119.
  • The door’s width is 90cm (2ft 11 inches).
  • The bed’s height is 50cm (1ft 8 inches).
  • The distance between bed’s base and the flooring is about 15 cm (0ft 6 inches).
  • Light switches are located within 120cm of floor level.
  • There is no functional security alarm for emergencies in the area.
  • There is no alarm for emergencies within the space.
  • A room adjacent to it is not available.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome to be with guests in rooms that are accessible to them.

Accessible Ensuite

  • The door’s width to the bathroom measures approximately 88cm (2ft 11in) (2ft 11in).
  • The door opens to the outside.
  • The door is hefty.
  • The door is secured by the twist lock.
  • Dimensions of an bathroom that is accessible are 240cm x 220cm (7ft 10in x 7ft 6in).
  • There is a space for lateral transfer.
  • When you look towards the toilet pan, the transfer space is to the right.
  • The space for transfer from the lateral side measures 120cm (3ft 11in).
  • The dropdown rail is located along this side.
  • There is an outlet on the transfer side.
  • Grab rails that can be mounted to walls are accessible.
  • When you are facing the toilet, wall-mounted grab rails are located on both sides.
  • Toilet seat 47cm (1ft 7 inches) above the floor.
  • There’s an holder for toilet rolls.
  • There is an emergency alarm located in the bathroom.
  • Disposal facilities are provided.
  • Mirrors are everywhere.
  • Mirrors are set at a lower elevation or at a certain angle to allow convenience of usage.

Accessible Toilet

  • There are accessible toilet(s) in this location specifically designed for use by the public.
  • The toilet is not intended for only handicapped people.
  • The toilet has a pictorial signboard at or near the door to the toilet.
  • The accessible toilet is located approximately 20m (21yd 2ft) from the main reception.
  • The accessible toilet is located on the first floor.
  • Access is easy to the accessible bathroom.
  • Email: info@abodechester.co.uk
Grosvenor Rd, Chester CH1 2DJ, United Kingdom,CH1 2DJ,United Kingdom

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